Live Chat Plugin for Website and Mobile App

  • Live Chat

    Chats allow you to engage your clients using live chat, convert them to your customers, and provide excellent customer support.

  • Reporting

    Create excellent reports and charts to visually represent your visitor chat data

  • Monitoring

    Monitor and track visitor info such as location, device, browser, history and etc.

  • Easy Setup

    Copy and paste widget html code to your website and you’re ready for a live chat.

  • ... Is Typing

    See what your visitors are typing in real time so you can prepare your response.

  • Multi Sites

    Have a single account for all your websites. You can also manage all chats from one window.

  • Customization

    Customizable chat widgets including size, color, forms, default text, etc.

  • Labels

    Tag your tickets and announcement  to filter and organize your cases.

  • Integration

    Integration with Third-party applications.

Seamlessly compatible with all major devices including

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