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Core Business

The company’s main business has the following two components.

The first is an integrated payment gateway service based on the integration of local banks and third party payment gateways.  There are 40-50 third party payment gateways in Malaysia, some are developed by the bank itself and some are developed by third party payment gateway.  We are developing a channel that integrates existing mainstream payment, facilitating merchant access and consumers through their respective familiar payment channel to completes the payment.

The second is intelligent customer service and work order system and is the facade of the company.  Every small and medium-sized enterprise needs to face the problem of massive customer demand processing and feedback during the product maturity.  The purpose of the customer service system is to help the small and medium-sized enterprises to establish efficient customer service.  The system reduces the customer service operation cost and improves customer feedback speed and satisfaction.  With combination of the natural language machine learning technology, it makes the intelligent customer service dialogue more humane, to organizes common problems and process the documents and automatically create work orders to handle problems.  With the new technology, the problem of inefficiency in the traditional customer service industry is changed.